Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Life

We didn't start this year out very good. Steve lost his job, we had to stay with friends. Then it looked like things were looking up. Steve got another job and we found a very nice one bedroom apartment in Nevada where we lived. He was stabbed in the back by the new girl at work who wanted the nice two bedroom apartment onsite that we were suppose to get. So he was fired because she set him up! Well because of everything that happened we decided to sell everything we owned and move to Michigan. Yes, it broke my heart to sell my craft supplies but I did keep my card making supplies. We made it here ok, not one problem coming all the way from Las Vegas. We now live in Millington Michigan. We are staying with a very good friend of mine and her family. Thank god for friends, with out her I'm not sure where we'd be right now. Steve is looking for work, hopefully he will get something soon so we can start out new life here. We came to Michigan because it's where my two sons, Brad 25 and Jay 23 live. Also I am a grandma so our two grand daughters are also here, Aliana is 3 yrs old and Hannah is 2 yrs old.I will put some pictures in here, so everyone can see them. Let me tell ya what they really love their grandpa Steve. I know once Steve gets a job we will be on our way to a very happy rest of our lives together.
My oldest son Brad and his gf Chelsy they just moved to Grand Rapids.
My youngest son Jay, his is the father of my two beautiful grand daughters
Aliana is 3 yrs old...
Hannah is 2 yrs old..

So it is great to be where I can see them when I want to..

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