Monday, October 3, 2011

Looking up.

Things are looking up. I just won two giveaways on youtube and I'm so happy I actually cried when I found out. I guess what they say is right, what comes around goes around. This year wasn't the best for Steve and I, hard times in Las Vegas after I had to stop working and Steve lost his job wasn't fun. We stayed in a monthly weekly rental for a month or two then with a friend. We thought things where looking up then they went right in the whole again.  A few months ago we sold what we could and what didn't get sold (which was a apartment full of things) we gave to a needy family. The family was from Florida, they moved to Vegas for a better life and it back fired on them. They had nothing, so we gave them everything we had to help them out. We packed up our two door Saturn and moved to Michigan. My sons and grand babies live here so it's a good move. When we got here we spent a month staying with a awesome friend of you Tami thanks for everything. Now things are looking much better. Steve got a job, it came with a apartment, so we are living on our own again which is awesome. So anyway things are looking up.

             Keep Crafting.......Terrie

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