Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We ran out to see my youngest son Jay and my grand daughters Ali and Hannah. The first thing Aliana said was "Grandma did you get a house yet, I want to come home with you". I thought it was so sweet they want to come visit us so bad. I have a feeling once we get on our feet and we do get a house of our own, they will never want to leave grandma and grandpa's house. It might just be my biest opinion but my grand babies are the cutest lol.. I actually can't wait to get a house so they can come visit. Key word is "Visit". Love them to death but we have grown acustom to being alone together and we do like it nice and quiet. Well anyway as soon as I get some new pictures I'll be sure to post them. I keep forgetting my camera.
Later all Happy Crafting..

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