Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi guys happy 2012 I know I'm a bit late lol but at least I'm here now. My new years resolution is to stop neglecting my blog. I spend so much time in youtube now days I have really neglected my blog. However I am now going to set aside a hour a night just to come into my blog and chat or put in pictures of my projects I do during the day. I'm always making something either cards, tags or flowers. Tomorrow I will come in I have a lot of projects I've done for Christmas and after that I have not put in here yet. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a incredible New Year.. I had a great Christmas at least we got to see my sons and my grand babies this year. Steve spoiled our grand daughters but I guess that is what we are here for. I can't wait until next year because the girls will be older and they can make out a wish list. I might regret that sentence lol. Well have a great night guys talk to you tomorrow.

                  Keep on crafting.......Terrie

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